How To Start an Internet Business – Make $1000 per sale all online

No coding or tech experience required. I will show you the future of making money on the internet. It’s not easy, but it is possible. This is a quick guide to show you how to start an internet business making and selling e commerce solutions. Make a minimum $1000 per sale and a monthly maintenance fee. Anyone can do it.

The future of E commerce / How to sell on the internet

I am going to let you in on a little known fact. The future of making money online is going to rely on people building what are called chatbots. I will answer questions like “what are chatbots?” “how can I build a chatbot?” “how can I cash in on this new business?” in this article.

Chatbots are automated chat sequences that direct people to buy online. In the next five years chatbots will be replacing traditional email marketing platforms. Instead of having to enter your email for access to everything you will only have to click a button. Chatbots are the marketing of the future. How to start an online business using chatbots

They can be built by anyone butt they all have to be personalized to each specific business and product. This is why you should get into selling them now.

How to sell $1000 chatbots to businesses on a daily basis

The going rate for a basic chatbot is around $1000 and they go up to $100,000. Don’t expect to sell a $100,000 chatbot on your own. You will probably need a team to build one that big. But you can easily charge $5000 for an easy to build chatbot that will bring in income to any e commerce business.

In the next few years all businesses whether e commerce or brick and mortar will be using some form of chat to communicate with their customers. chatbotta

They can basically be built to do anything you want them too. For my business I use them to qualify my leads so I don’t have a bunch of cheap clients trying to talk to me. The bot chats with my leads using a chat platform and basically tells the ones that aren’t in my price range that I won’t work with them. This saves me the awkwardness of having to tell them over the phone.

They can be built for any business like real estate pros, restaurants, e commerce stores, basically any business with a website or Facebook page. We all know that is all of them.

How to build chatbots/Using the right platform

Chatbots are relatively easy to build. You just need to use the proper platform. There are a ton of different options online like ManyChat, ChatFuel, and MobileMonkey to name a few. There are new platforms popping up every day and the platform you choose doesn’t really matter. I like Manychat because it has a 10-hour video training course. chatbot for business

Once you learn the proper ways to build the bots you are half-way to making money online and starting your own actually business.

Are you excited yet? You should be. This information could change your life. If every business is going to hire someone to build them a chatbot in the next 10 years and you start now. You will be making amazing profit.

How to sell and actually make $1000 per sale

First you must pick your niche. Maybe something you already have interest in. Maybe something you already have clients in. The reason it is best to get into a niche is because you will be able to make a bot and duplicate it multiple times. You will have to change a few things in it but the basic outline will be there.

One big niche is the e commerce business. You can sell like crazy to people with online stores. Just a basic cart abandonment bot for an online store that does $10k a month in sales could easily pay itself off within a month.

Are you ready to build chatbots? Are you ready to start your online business? Don’t hesitate.

The hustle factor

Once you have studied and emersed yourself into this world of online business it doesn’t mean that money is going to fall in your lap. You are going to have to hustle your butt off to make the money you want.

The first few sales are the hardest butt things get easier after that. You should study sales platforms by people like Grant Cardone. If you’re not willing to put everything you have and all of your energy into it you will not succeed.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the online world?

If you are serious about making money through an online business please leave any questions in the comments section below and I will personally help you out with it.

If this sounds like a business you would like to get into you can join Andrew Warner’s Bot Academy at. . .

Or to see how a chatbot works and what it is you can use this link to chat with a bot right now. .. .

13 Replies to “How To Start an Internet Business – Make $1000 per sale all online”

  1. Learning how to start an internet business and make $1000 per sale is something many people would love to be able to do. The prices you mention are attainable but it does take the hustle factor that you mention. Let me give you some real-life experiences from our business selling chatbots…

    The chatbots that are out there vary from simple scripts like what you can build on ManyChat for use with the Facebook Messenger to very sophisticated ones that require a lot of AI and more complex script flows and the price will rise depending on what the client is looking for.

    There is the access procedure/process, the building process, and then the review and acceptance process. After all that, you need to then deliver the completed chatbot or install it, depending on what the client may want. So you will need tools to make it work…

    You are on point with the market that is out there, and ManyChat or another similar tool will work and it is not that hard to create a simple chatbot that will work with Facebook Messenger. Teaching people how to start an internet business and have them make that $1000 per sale is a business in itself too. 

    Great post and I am sure that you have provided some inspiration to the readers that stop by to learn how to make $1000 per sale of a chatbot. It will require that hustle and work, but it can be done! 

    1. Thanks Dave! We should team up and create a business training people how to build and sell ChatBots. How long have you been doing it? Did you do training or are you self taught? 


  2. Very soon in the future I can see that chatbots will replace the use of the real human live chats. I have seen the use of chatbots already even at the financial institution, Bank of America launched out Erica, the E-commerce stores mostly use them as well. They are the best and cheap way to keep your customer satisfaction and response, you do not have to worry the cost of staffing. Which platform do you suggest beside ManyChat? Do you have a review on ManyChat?

    1. I use ManyChat for the ChatBots I build since that is what I am used to. I plan to build a few with ChatFuel and MobileMonkey and create a review soon. From the little I have used other platforms they all seem pretty similar. Soon it will be like choosing what email marketing tool to use. (Impossible) ha ha. There is a new platform every week. 


  3. Hey there,

    This is really an unique and informative article. I did not have any ideas on chatbots before. But after reading your article I have come to know many things about them. I am more used to in traditional email marketing. But it takes a lot of time to manage and convince people to buy online through it. But now I know that Chatbots are the future of marketing as it saves lot of our time and do half of the money making stuffs. As you have suggested ManyChat for building bots I will try that for sure.

    Thank you for sharing so much informations.

  4. Wow,
        Thank you for this post.  I actually just put a live chat feature on one of my sites and have the apps installed on my computer, phone and tablet.  Right now my available hours are simply random.

    I can see a chatbot being of great use to drive my business while I’m unavailable. I’m curious…  Will you offer a review of various chatbots or maybe a how-to article on using them appropriately?  I’d love to see that if you’re planning on it.

    Do you happen to know if any of the chatbot options offer a live “take over” type feature.  I ask because if I go with a chatbot I don’t want that and a separate live chat feature on my website at the same time.

    Thanks again.  I’m definitely going to do some more digging now,

    1. I plan to post more about them in the future comparing the different builders. I have most experience with ManyChat and I will need to play around with the other platforms before I can compare them. 

      They all have a live feature where it will send a message to your phone or computer so you can continue the conversation at any time. 

      What most people do is build them to answer the questions or qualify their leads then take over the sale once the nonsense is done and they have the information right in front of them.

      Make sense? 

      If you need help building them contact me and I will help you with any questions you need. Also ManyChat has a great training platform

  5. Hi! This is really interesting. And I would like to work online building chatbots. You started this post explaining that we didn’t need any tech experience or coding knowledge. But I don’t know anything about building chatbots, and it seems a bit difficult to me. Where could I read about the basics? I’m eager to learn because as you say, probably in 5 years there will be a high demand for building bots.

  6. You raise some very interesting ideas, with the world transferring more to a text based communication platform, as apposed to email and telephone marketing or sales. Many people are adverse to answering phones or just delete emails, but tend to be more willing to reply to a text based form of communication. I am interested in making the kind of money you state here, however I have little technical knowledge, is the training to build chatbots suitable for someone with little or no programming experience? How do I train to build chatbots? Do the platform providers offer training or is that a separate course? How long does the training take?. You state that ‘everything will be available at a click of a button’. does that mean that the chatbot technology is already out there? Is it only actioned by the seller or person initiating the chatbot? Having worked in multiple sales environments including real estate and insurance sales, I can see the potential for such a tool, especially to qualify buyers. It would certainly save on staffing costs and time. However do you find in your business that maybe the chatbot dismisses some buyers based on parameters set, that maybe as a human talking to them could have convinced a buyer to change their parameters? What happens if the buyer/enquirer does not wish to talk to the chatbot, but to a human being? Is there an option for this or is it just an engage or quit type of program?. I am very interested in your example of ecommerce benefitting from the chatbots, I believe this could be a great market for them. You state in your example that a chatbot would give a store an extra $10,000 in sales. Can you expand on how it does this? Could it assist ecommerce in any other ways? I am really interested and excited in the internet business model you introduce in this article, and I look forward to receiving your answers to my questions.

    1. You don’t need any programming experience. The platforms that you use to build chatbots like ManyChat, ChatFuel or MobileMonkey are very similar to a website building platform like Wix or squarespace. I personally think they are easier to use than a website builder but that is the best comparison.

      ManyChat has a free 10 hour video training course for people trying to learn how to use them and sell them.

      The technology is already there. You can program them to do anything and you can even program them to switch to live conversation if you want to jump in. It doesn’t seem to deter people because you can program them to have “call you” or “email you” buttons along the bottom so people can choose to speak with a human at anytime.

      In response to the ecommerce question, the main money making feature is a cart abandonment chatbot. According to Shopify 75% of all shoppers abandon their carts. With the cart abandonment chatbot, stats show it reclaims 1 in every 10 abandoned carts into a sale. And it equates to 4 extra sales to every 10 sales a store makes. It is insane how well it works. Instead of getting an email about your cart abandonment it will prompt a message straight to your phone like “Did you still want this?” With a picture of your item or items. You can order it straight through the bot and not even have to direct back to the website. You can even have it offer discounts or promos if they don’t buy it right away. If the customer doesn’t respond you can send them a drip that will remind them about their abandoned cart after a couple days.

      Wild stuff huh?

  7. Interesting post!

    Chatbots are something that I didn’t consider yet. Though, automating own online marketing and business processes will be more and more important, due to huge competition and all the tasks one needs to accomplish while working online, especially the individuals and smaller businesses.

    I need to take a closer look to bring any decision. However, I don’t think email marketing will die in the future. many thought it will happen already, but email marketing is stronger than ever. It is the most personalized way of online marketing and almost everyone working online is using it. We are talking about millions of people and businesses.

    Thanks for the interesting post!

    Best regards,

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      Chatbots currently have more than double the open and click through rate than email. The latest stats from Neil Patel say around 80% open rate and around 50% click through rate. I agree that email marketing works and I don’t think emails will every go away but chatbots are moving into it’s territory. 

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