How to Choose a Business Name – Choose a Name for Your New Business

What is the best way to choose a name for your new business venture? A name is always a tough thing to create and you need it to start all of your branding for your business.

The problem I have is that every business changes it’s direction as time goes on and the business grows. Don’t worry, I am here to help you find the perfect name for your business.

Don’t Use a Confusing Name / Make Sure it is Easy to Spell & Say.

When you are starting a business you don’t want to use a catchy name like Google, Nike, Titleist, etc. These companies have spent millions of dollars branding their name so people know who they are.

Save your money and come up with something original but something that makes sense with what your offering.

You don’t want to start a new business with a name that people have a hard time saying or spelling. I was a bartender for over 10 years and people shy away from ordering drinks and beers that they don’t know how to pronounce.

Your actual name is a great way to brand your business unless you plan on selling it. Incorporating your name into the name of your business is a great way to attract customers who see personality to your products or service.

Make Sure Your Business Name is Available / Check the Web

The first thing you want to do is check with a website host like Go Daddy or HostGator to make sure that the web address of your business is available. If the dot com isn’t available I would try a different name.

Wait! Before you buy your domain name make sure you check the social media platforms you plan to use.

If you are starting a business named Kelli’s Cupcakes and there is already a Facebook or Instagram named that you will want to change your name to something you can get the Facebook page name to.

Have you heard of the TV network SciFi short for Sience Fiction? They re branded their name to SyFy which is in the urban dictionary as a term for Syphilis. Make sure you google your name and make sure you can’t find it anywhere before choosing.

Don’t Limit Your Services With a Name

Imagine you are offering a service in your business like social media marketing. Is that all you’re going to offer for the life of the business?

If you plan to do more you want to stick to a more generic marketing name instead of something like Jenni’s Social Media Marketing.

Make Sure Your Business Name Has Meaning

Make sure your name has some type of connection to you and or your business. When people ask you how you came up with your business name you want to have a good story or reason.

If not you don’t want people to ask. Come up with a name like Denver’s Marketing Group. If you do marketing in Denver people will know you are the right business.

Start Using Your Business Name/Test Your Name

Start talking about your business name with friends and family. Once you use the name 100 times you will know whether you like it or not.

I have done this with all of my businesses before I choose the name. It helps me decide whether it is catchy enough or if I get annoyed with it. Some of them really catch on and some of them flop.

Get feedback on the name

There are always people that aren’t going to love your name. That is just the way life works. Don’t let that persuade you if you really love your name.

That being said take people’s advice if they give you reasons and suggestions for ways to tweak it.


Still Need Help Naming Your Business?

Use these websites to help you find a name.

    How to Start a Detailing Business – Make $90k a Year Detailing Cars

    I spent all my savings and most of my profit starting my detailing business. I am here to help you because I don’t want you to do the same thing. Learn from my mistakes and I can make you profitable within the first month and keep your cost down to a minimum so you can keep your hard-earned money unlike me.

    I started building my detailing business the wrong way. I made an extravagant website, created a Facebook and Instagram, got my licenses and insurance, built out a van with all new top quality equipment, found a shop to rent out, interviewed and hired employees etc.

    DON’T DO ALL OF THAT JUST YET! If you want to build a PROFITABLE detailing business you don’t need all that. You just need a desire to hustle and make money for yourself and a love for detailing. The rest will fall into place if you follow my lead.

    How to start your own detailing business/Where to start?

    If you don’t know how detail vehicles it’s time to emerge yourself in it. Start listening to podcasts watching endless amounts of YouTube videos and learn the tricks of the trade.

    Much of your experience will be learned so don’t be afraid to start taking on jobs and new clients. Remember to get as much information on new clients as possible and keep the information stored and organized.

    Try to use basic cleaning supplies first. If you don’t have any don’t spend more than $300 on supplies until you are making money. You can get a great starter kit for $300. A full detail can be done using around 3 or 4 products if necessary so don’t go overboard.

    There is plenty of YouTube videos and podcast to learn the basics of how to detail cars. If you run into something you’re not sure how to do chances are there is a video on it and you can either figure out how to do it on the fly or just tell the client that you haven’t done that before and you won’t be able to solve their problem. People prefer honesty over a ruined car every time.

    Take my advice and find clients first. Remember your goal is to make $90k a year or more, so working for cheap won’t cut it. If you have never detailed a vehicle before I suggest doing a few friends and families cars for cheap first, but don’t get a reputation for being the cheapest guy in town. I recommend starting your prices above $300 for a full interior/exterior detail.

    The secret to making money is low overhead and high profit margins which is what you need to keep in mind when running your own detailing business.

    Keep your clients close / Set them up on a monthly plan

    The best and easiest way to make money detailing vehicles is to set up your clients on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly detail plan. The structure is easy. You tell them that they can keep their vehicle looking new all the time with a weekly or monthly plan.

    The way I do it is I give them a free hand wax once a month and a free detail every six months. Charge them around $150 per detail to keep their car looking brand new. Since you are seeing the car at least once a month it won’t take you very long to detail it. Set up a recurring payment so you get paid no matter what. Then give them a specific day/time that you will be there every month. Such as the 1st Tuesday of every month at 9am.

    How to get more clients for your detailing business

    There are many ways to find more new clients for your detailing business. Here is my list of the top ways that work best for me.

    • Local Cars and Coffee- and similar events are great places to network and find people who love their cars and chances are won’t be caught at a local car wash. I don’t recommend being pushy or turn into a huge salesman. Just show up and start conversations about cars.
    • Contests- Doing a contest for a free detail will not only get you exposure but it will get you a list of people who need a detail for their car. Make sure to collect all the leads and send out a coupon for a discounted detail package to everyone who entered. Then turn them into a lifetime client.
    • Google Ads- are the best and easiest way to find new clients. Running a google ad gets people that are searching for a detail and directs them straight to you. You can localize your area to ensure only people near you are getting your ad.
    • Friends and Family- I don’t like doing details for friends and family, I usually do them for free if they ask. But the more people who know you are a detailer the better.
    • Facebook/Instagram- Make sure to post before and after pictures of all the vehicles you do with a hashtag of your local city or areas name.

    How to get to $90k a year detailing cars / Find the right clients

    Let’s start with some basic math 365 days a year or 52 weeks a year minus 2 days off a week. So let’s say you average working 5 days a week times 52 weeks. That’s 260 days a year. So to make $90k you need to make around $350 per day to hit your goal.

    If you have 4 weekly clients ($2400 per month), 4 bi-weekly clients ($1200 per month) and 8 monthly clients ($1200) that should end up being a total of around $4800 per month in regular business. Considering you are working an 8-hour day you should be able to fit in 4 cars a day for your regular clients. That would fill up 2 days a week.

    Now all you need to do is sell 2 wash and waxes for $150 each and 1 full interior exterior detail for around $350 each week and you are at your mark.

    Once your schedule is full of regular monthly, biweekly and weekly clients you should be able to hit your goal of $90k a year working only 4 days a week and servicing clients you already know.

    How long will it take you to obtain 32 full time clients?

    Based on what I have discussed you will need around 8 weekly clients, 8 bi-weekly clients and 8 monthly clients to make the $90k a year goal.

    All you really need is 32 people willing to pay you for regular weekly, or monthly details to make your goal.

    How long do you need to sell 32 people on a detail plan?