How to profit from a blog / Step by step instructions

Easy to follow step by step instructions explain how to profit from a blog.

Millions of people have blogs. Few make any real profit. Why? Because they aren’t doing it the right way.

I have finally found help.

Don’t start writing yet / Don’t build an elaborate website

Save your money and time. Don’t build an elaborate website, or worse hire someone to build you an elaborate website. Your content is what is going to be the most important part of your blog. It will get you ranked in google and bring traffic towards your site.

You are going to need specific keywords, content that is useful and articles that help people.

There are plenty of free blogging sites that you can use. Don’t spend your money until you have written at least 100 articles. They should be between 800-4000 words.

Anything less than 100 articles will just be lost on page 40,000 in a google search.

You can set up your website or sites, get step by step training and start your first 100 blog posts for free here.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best free way to start making money from a blog.

Pick a niche or subject / The more specific the better

You will need to pick a specific subject to blog about. Let’s say you decide to blog about bikes. You will need to be very specific. How about downhill mountain bikes that are best for someone between 5’10” and 6’1″?

You need to be super specific to rank on any search engines.

No one wants to read general knowledge about a bunch of random topics. Pick a subject, then pick a subject within that subject. Then write about specifics.

Don’t expect results / Most don’t see a return for a year / 100 posts

Are you willing to post at least 3 articles a week for an entire year? Without seeing any return? If not then, QUIT NOW! Don’t bother trying to profit from a blog unless you are willing to put in the work and not receive a return for the first year.

You are going to need at least 100 articles before anyone other than your friends and family will see it. All 100 articles should be about the subject you have picked. So make sure it is something you won’t lose interest in.

Use keyword tools for titles / If not your blog will never be seen

You need to use a keyword tool like Jaxxy that comes free with Wealthy Affiliate. It will give you 100’s of ideas that you can use as subjects for your blog.

If you try to write content without proper training and research for keywords. You are wasting your time and energy. Without proper keywords you will just be another pile of words on the internet.

If you really want to profit and make income with a blog, then don’t quit! Keep at it. Follow the processes Wealthy Affiliate has built for you.


How to make a million dollars in a year $$

Imagine there are over 200 millionaires. They all went from zero to $1M in less than a year. They all used the same framework. Would you follow it?

I will walk you through how they did it and show you how to make a million dollars in a year.

Do you have time to make a million dollars this year? I will show you how to make a million dollars fast. Maybe not this year but how about next year? Or the year after that?

You’re not rich because you are not doing. . .

There are thoughts and there are actions. Start acting now and your success will follow.

30 millionaires share their secrets / If they lost it all. . .

They were asked the question. If you lost everything, your money, houses, cars, contacts, friends. What would you do from day 1 to day 30 to build yourself back to being a millionaire?

They all canceled Netflix / Quit Watching TV, Gaming, Drinking. . .

I noticed a theme with all the millionaires. They all say that to succeed they will need to focus and get rid of distractions. Most used Netflix as the example.

Whatever your vice is whether it be Netflix, going out for beers, watching endless hours of YouTube, video games, etc. You will need to lose the distraction.

Remember, once you make your first million $$ you can go back to these time wasters if you want.

Work long hours / Get up early or go to bed late

You will need some time to yourself. Get up before the family to ensure you have time to commit with no distractions.

If you get more done at night. Stay up for an hour or two after the family goes to bed. This is when you can focus and get things done.

Find a quiet space to work. Even if you have to clear out the corner of a closet and wear noise cancellation headphones. You are going to need to plan on working 10 hour days for a month or so to get things started.

Talk to the fam / Explain that you need less distraction

Explain to your family that you need to focus for a short period of time so that you can spend more time with them in the future.

I am not saying that you should miss your kids sporting events or ignore your family. Just make sure they are aware of what is going on and be open to discuss any issues they may have. Plan out the days so you will have some time with the family and still make time to work.

They all used the same software / And a similar process

There wasn’t one person on the list of millionaires that “made it” without building a list.

They all used sales funnel websites, social media, email marketing and a handful of other software. It doesn’t matter what field they are in or what product they are selling. They all used a similar process.

Most built their list through Facebook groups. So pick a few large Facebook groups in your business field and start creating value to the other users.

If you are not willing to use some type of networking media, you won’t be able to make it. You don’t have to use them all. Stick to one or two that you are comfortable with and put all your energy into those.

I challenge you to follow their process for the next 30 days

Pick your niche, something you know a decent amount about. It could be a hobby like guns, surfing, or biking. Maybe it is what you do for work. A business that you have started? Whatever it is you need to be as specific as possible.

What do you have to lose??

To start your path to the 1st million $$. Join here. . .

The 30-Day Millionaire Challenge aka OFA Challenge

You will have coaching and training from different millionaires from different niches like real estate, e commerce, charity organizations, fitness coaches, etc.

Every day will unlock a new training and a new task

Here are the basics from day 1 to day 30

The 30-Day Millionaire Challenge aka OFA Challenge


Day 1- Find an idea or product to sell. . .

  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • Do you have expertise in your job?
  • Do you have a story worth telling?

Day 2- Pitch your idea or product to a friend. . .

  • Do you believe in it enough to be told no by 99 people to sell it to 1 person?
  • Make a list of questions that you are asked about your product idea or story.

Day 3- Build your offer for what you are selling. . .

  • Answer any doubting questions people may have about it.
  • Brainstorm any extra products or ideas that you could offer with it. (Upsell)

Day 4- Create different levels of your product or idea. . .


  • Example-
  • Book- $9.95
  • Software- $99.95/one time
  • Service-$99.95/ month
  • etc.

Day 5- Create the framework for your product, service or idea. . .


  • Chances are this will take more than one day-Don’t worry we will work more on this next week.
  • Create a guide for your product, service or idea.

Day 6- Catch up on the weeks work. . .


  • Use the weekend to create anything you are missing.
  • Spend time with family if you are all caught up.
  • In your spare time perfect your idea.

Day 7- Day off


  • Catch up day, regain focus for the week to come.

The 30-Day Millionaire Challenge aka OFA Challenge

Day 8- Publishing


  • Publish your product or idea on social media, YouTube, blog etc.
  • Choose a good place to start telling people about your idea. If it is a video product you may want to use YouTube.
  • If you are selling a book your clientele is probably more into blog reading.
  • Get the idea?

Day 9- Prove how your product will benefit or change a person’s life. . .


  • What problem are you solving?
  • What desire, struggle, conflict or achievement are you selling?

Day 10- Create your story. . .


  • How did you end up where you are?
  • Tell the story like a movie
  • High point, struggle, low point, epiphany, transformation, etc.

Day 11- Create a hook for your idea. (get people interested)


  • How to use _________ to improve your ________
  • _____ will change your life by __________
  • Save $1000 by using this __________
  • Are terrible ________ ruining your life? Try _________.

Day 12- Go over what you have done. . .


  • Go over what you have done so far.
  • Organize your work.

Day 13- Catch Up


Day 14- Day Off / Catch Up

  • Relax, get some rest. Get ready for the next week.

The 30-Day Millionaire Challenge aka OFA Challenge

Day 15- Create a sales funnel. . .


  • Think of ways to generate leads
  • Try making your first sale

Day 16- Start working on building your website. . .


  • Build a website that sells.
  • If you don’t know how to do this, find someone to do it for you.

Day 17- Combine your hooks with your story and create an offer. . .

  • Use your hook and story to create an offer for your idea.
  • Publish your hooks, stories and offers to your website.

Day 18- Test your sales website. . .

  • Use your friends or current email list to see if it is something people will consider buying.
  • This will get you some feedback.
  • And a little traffic to your site.

Day 19- Come up with a one time offer. . .

  • Offer something that is related to your idea.
  • Something like one on one training with you.
  • Or two for the price of one.

Day 20- Catch Up Day

  • This has been a lot so far
  • This is where most people quit and get overwhelmed
  • The reason everyone is not a millionaire is that most don’t make it to this point

Day 21-Day Off

The 30-Day Millionaire Challenge aka OFA Challenge

Day 22- Bring traffic to your site

  • Add a link to your site on everything. Email signature, Facebook profile, YouTube channel, Blog etc.
  • Email your entire inbox telling them about your new idea, product or service

Day 23- Find influencers in your niche

  • Create a list of 100 popular people in your field
  • Try to contact all 100 people
  • Ask for advice (you will probably only get a hold of 5 or 10 if you are lucky)

Day 24- Start leaving comments on your 100 person list

  • Leave valuable information and content on influencers media
  • Comment on everything you know anything about
  • Try to be the 1st to comment

Day 25- Try running ads

  • Run a Facebook or Google ad (start with $10/day)
  • Don’t blow your savings just do a small test ad

Day 26- Fine tune your sales offer

  • Go over your sales offer with a test group.
  • See if people who are interested in your idea are engaged.
  • If you are selling a bike and a bike enthusiast loves your product. Make sure they like your offer!

Day 27- Immerse yourself

  • Commit yourself to this every day for a year.
  • Learn everything you can about your idea’s field.

Day 28- Stay committed

  • This is where people fail. They aren’t fully committed.
  • Focus on your million dollar business.

Day 29-Make a daily checklist

  • Make a list of tasks and do it every day.
  • Hire a Virtual assistant to do things you don’t want to.

Day 30- Tweak everything for the rest of the year

  • Constantly tweak things that are not performing.
  • Make sure to double down on things that are working.

What\ do you have to lose??? What do you have to gain??? Is it worth committing yourself for a year???

To start your path to the 1st million $$. Join here. . .

How to choose the right business entity – Should I open an LLC ??

Deciding how to choose the right business entity can be a daunting task. I will try to clear it up for you and give you some easy solutions.

Starting a New Business? / Sole Proprietor, Partnership or LLC

A sole proprietorship is the most common type of business entity. It is also the most basic. Under a sole proprietorship the owner is responsible for EVERYTHING.

If you take on debt you are personally responsible for paying it back. If something happens legally and you don’t have insurance to cover it. You are responsible for anything that happens while in business.

For taxes any income after expenses that is made with a sole proprietorship is taxed as personal income.

Sole Proprietor Pros

  • A sole proprietor has control over the business.
  • A sale or transfer can take place at the discretion of the owner.
  • No extra corporate taxes.
  • Minimum legal costs to form compared to a corporation.
  • Few formal business requirements.

Sole Proprietor Cons

  • The owner can be personally liable for the debts and obligations
  • This liability can be caused as a result of acts committed by EMPLOYEES of the company.
  • All responsibilities and decisions are the owner’s responsibility.
  • Others won’t usually invest in a sole proprietorship

A Partnership has most of the same attributes of a sole proprietor. The main difference is that instead of one owner being responsible for the business 2 or more owners are equally liable for a business.

An LLC aka Limited Liability Company is a way to safe guard you being liable for everything in the business. With an LLC you are still taxed similarly than a sole proprietorship or partnership but you are released of a lot of personal liability.

LLC Pros

  • The business owner isn’t liable for all the businesses debts.
  • In most cases the owner is not liable for lawsuits against the business.
  • You can name the business whatever you would like if you file a FBN. (Fictitious Business Name)

LLC Cons

  • You need to pay extra state fees yearly for filing and registration.
  • There are more laws you have to follow with LLC’s.
  • You MUST keep all bank accounts and financial records separate from personal accounts.
  • You must keep LLC in the name of the business. Ex. John’s Plumbing LLC.

    How to open a Limited Liability Company?/ Do you need a lawyer?

    If you want to go at it alone you can technically open an LLC on your own. It is not required to hire a lawyer to open your own LLC. But it would be much easier and time effective to, at the least, hire a site like legal zoom, rocket lawyer or a similar site.

    Every state has a different process for forming an LLC so you will have to contact your specific states guidelines to file.

    You will need a few things to get the process started

    • Money for a filing fee. (different for every state but usually close to $300 a year)
    • A proper operating agreement (This states the rules of your company)
    • An EIN and a bank account dedicated to only your business
    • You will also need to keep proper accounting records and report them annually to your city and state

    If any of this seems out of your area of expertise you may want to consider hiring a local lawyer or using an online service like the ones listed in this article.

    Are you ready to from a business entity? / What are your sales?

    If you are starting a new business, you may want to hold off on deciding how to structure your business. I wouldn’t spend much time forming a business entity until you are ready to make sales. If you don’t have any sales or employees you won’t need to worry as much about being liable for anything.

    Make sure to keep all receipts for anything tied to your business. This way you will be able to keep track of your expenses and be ready for tax time.

    Before you decide to file for a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship you may want to do a little more research and set up a 30-min consultation with a trusted business lawyer.

    What do you have to lose? / Is it worth risking everything

    you want peace of mind. Open an LLC.

    If you don’t want to be personally liable. Open an LLC.

    If you own a home and don’t want to lose it. Open an LLC.

    If you have nothing to lose. You may want to consider a Sole Proprietorship.

    The decision is up to you but I recommend an LLC to help you sleep at night. All the fees associated with opening the LLC are tax detectable so if you have a profitable business it doesn’t really cost you anything. When you think of it this way it is a no brainer.

    Better safe than sorry.  

    This is just an opinion from my experiences. This is not legal advice. If you want legal advice I recommend you use one of the services below or hire a licensed attorney.


    Legal Zoom

    Rocket Lawyer

    Please leave any questions or comments you have below.

    I hope this helps you decide which business entity is right for your business.

    How to Choose a Business Name – Choose a Name for Your New Business

    What is the best way to choose a name for your new business venture? A name is always a tough thing to create and you need it to start all of your branding for your business.

    The problem I have is that every business changes it’s direction as time goes on and the business grows. Don’t worry, I am here to help you find the perfect name for your business.

    Don’t Use a Confusing Name / Make Sure it is Easy to Spell & Say.

    When you are starting a business you don’t want to use a catchy name like Google, Nike, Titleist, etc. These companies have spent millions of dollars branding their name so people know who they are.

    Save your money and come up with something original but something that makes sense with what your offering.

    You don’t want to start a new business with a name that people have a hard time saying or spelling. I was a bartender for over 10 years and people shy away from ordering drinks and beers that they don’t know how to pronounce.

    Your actual name is a great way to brand your business unless you plan on selling it. Incorporating your name into the name of your business is a great way to attract customers who see personality to your products or service.

    Make Sure Your Business Name is Available / Check the Web

    The first thing you want to do is check with a website host like Go Daddy or HostGator to make sure that the web address of your business is available. If the dot com isn’t available I would try a different name.

    Wait! Before you buy your domain name make sure you check the social media platforms you plan to use.

    If you are starting a business named Kelli’s Cupcakes and there is already a Facebook or Instagram named that you will want to change your name to something you can get the Facebook page name to.

    Have you heard of the TV network SciFi short for Sience Fiction? They re branded their name to SyFy which is in the urban dictionary as a term for Syphilis. Make sure you google your name and make sure you can’t find it anywhere before choosing.

    Don’t Limit Your Services With a Name

    Imagine you are offering a service in your business like social media marketing. Is that all you’re going to offer for the life of the business?

    If you plan to do more you want to stick to a more generic marketing name instead of something like Jenni’s Social Media Marketing.

    Make Sure Your Business Name Has Meaning

    Make sure your name has some type of connection to you and or your business. When people ask you how you came up with your business name you want to have a good story or reason.

    If not you don’t want people to ask. Come up with a name like Denver’s Marketing Group. If you do marketing in Denver people will know you are the right business.

    Start Using Your Business Name/Test Your Name

    Start talking about your business name with friends and family. Once you use the name 100 times you will know whether you like it or not.

    I have done this with all of my businesses before I choose the name. It helps me decide whether it is catchy enough or if I get annoyed with it. Some of them really catch on and some of them flop.

    Get feedback on the name

    There are always people that aren’t going to love your name. That is just the way life works. Don’t let that persuade you if you really love your name.

    That being said take people’s advice if they give you reasons and suggestions for ways to tweak it.


    Still Need Help Naming Your Business?

    Use these websites to help you find a name.

      How to Start a Detailing Business – Make $90k a Year Detailing Cars

      I spent all my savings and most of my profit starting my detailing business. I am here to help you because I don’t want you to do the same thing. Learn from my mistakes and I can make you profitable within the first month and keep your cost down to a minimum so you can keep your hard-earned money unlike me.

      I started building my detailing business the wrong way. I made an extravagant website, created a Facebook and Instagram, got my licenses and insurance, built out a van with all new top quality equipment, found a shop to rent out, interviewed and hired employees etc.

      DON’T DO ALL OF THAT JUST YET! If you want to build a PROFITABLE detailing business you don’t need all that. You just need a desire to hustle and make money for yourself and a love for detailing. The rest will fall into place if you follow my lead.

      How to start your own detailing business/Where to start?

      If you don’t know how detail vehicles it’s time to emerge yourself in it. Start listening to podcasts watching endless amounts of YouTube videos and learn the tricks of the trade.

      Much of your experience will be learned so don’t be afraid to start taking on jobs and new clients. Remember to get as much information on new clients as possible and keep the information stored and organized.

      Try to use basic cleaning supplies first. If you don’t have any don’t spend more than $300 on supplies until you are making money. You can get a great starter kit for $300. A full detail can be done using around 3 or 4 products if necessary so don’t go overboard.

      There is plenty of YouTube videos and podcast to learn the basics of how to detail cars. If you run into something you’re not sure how to do chances are there is a video on it and you can either figure out how to do it on the fly or just tell the client that you haven’t done that before and you won’t be able to solve their problem. People prefer honesty over a ruined car every time.

      Take my advice and find clients first. Remember your goal is to make $90k a year or more, so working for cheap won’t cut it. If you have never detailed a vehicle before I suggest doing a few friends and families cars for cheap first, but don’t get a reputation for being the cheapest guy in town. I recommend starting your prices above $300 for a full interior/exterior detail.

      The secret to making money is low overhead and high profit margins which is what you need to keep in mind when running your own detailing business.

      Keep your clients close / Set them up on a monthly plan

      The best and easiest way to make money detailing vehicles is to set up your clients on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly detail plan. The structure is easy. You tell them that they can keep their vehicle looking new all the time with a weekly or monthly plan.

      The way I do it is I give them a free hand wax once a month and a free detail every six months. Charge them around $150 per detail to keep their car looking brand new. Since you are seeing the car at least once a month it won’t take you very long to detail it. Set up a recurring payment so you get paid no matter what. Then give them a specific day/time that you will be there every month. Such as the 1st Tuesday of every month at 9am.

      How to get more clients for your detailing business

      There are many ways to find more new clients for your detailing business. Here is my list of the top ways that work best for me.

      • Local Cars and Coffee- and similar events are great places to network and find people who love their cars and chances are won’t be caught at a local car wash. I don’t recommend being pushy or turn into a huge salesman. Just show up and start conversations about cars.
      • Contests- Doing a contest for a free detail will not only get you exposure but it will get you a list of people who need a detail for their car. Make sure to collect all the leads and send out a coupon for a discounted detail package to everyone who entered. Then turn them into a lifetime client.
      • Google Ads- are the best and easiest way to find new clients. Running a google ad gets people that are searching for a detail and directs them straight to you. You can localize your area to ensure only people near you are getting your ad.
      • Friends and Family- I don’t like doing details for friends and family, I usually do them for free if they ask. But the more people who know you are a detailer the better.
      • Facebook/Instagram- Make sure to post before and after pictures of all the vehicles you do with a hashtag of your local city or areas name.

      How to get to $90k a year detailing cars / Find the right clients

      Let’s start with some basic math 365 days a year or 52 weeks a year minus 2 days off a week. So let’s say you average working 5 days a week times 52 weeks. That’s 260 days a year. So to make $90k you need to make around $350 per day to hit your goal.

      If you have 4 weekly clients ($2400 per month), 4 bi-weekly clients ($1200 per month) and 8 monthly clients ($1200) that should end up being a total of around $4800 per month in regular business. Considering you are working an 8-hour day you should be able to fit in 4 cars a day for your regular clients. That would fill up 2 days a week.

      Now all you need to do is sell 2 wash and waxes for $150 each and 1 full interior exterior detail for around $350 each week and you are at your mark.

      Once your schedule is full of regular monthly, biweekly and weekly clients you should be able to hit your goal of $90k a year working only 4 days a week and servicing clients you already know.

      How long will it take you to obtain 32 full time clients?

      Based on what I have discussed you will need around 8 weekly clients, 8 bi-weekly clients and 8 monthly clients to make the $90k a year goal.

      All you really need is 32 people willing to pay you for regular weekly, or monthly details to make your goal.

      How long do you need to sell 32 people on a detail plan?


      How To Start an Internet Business – Make $1000 per sale all online

      No coding or tech experience required. I will show you the future of making money on the internet. It’s not easy, but it is possible. This is a quick guide to show you how to start an internet business making and selling e commerce solutions. Make a minimum $1000 per sale and a monthly maintenance fee. Anyone can do it.

      The future of E commerce / How to sell on the internet

      I am going to let you in on a little known fact. The future of making money online is going to rely on people building what are called chatbots. I will answer questions like “what are chatbots?” “how can I build a chatbot?” “how can I cash in on this new business?” in this article.

      Chatbots are automated chat sequences that direct people to buy online. In the next five years chatbots will be replacing traditional email marketing platforms. Instead of having to enter your email for access to everything you will only have to click a button. Chatbots are the marketing of the future. How to start an online business using chatbots

      They can be built by anyone butt they all have to be personalized to each specific business and product. This is why you should get into selling them now.

      How to sell $1000 chatbots to businesses on a daily basis

      The going rate for a basic chatbot is around $1000 and they go up to $100,000. Don’t expect to sell a $100,000 chatbot on your own. You will probably need a team to build one that big. But you can easily charge $5000 for an easy to build chatbot that will bring in income to any e commerce business.

      In the next few years all businesses whether e commerce or brick and mortar will be using some form of chat to communicate with their customers. chatbotta

      They can basically be built to do anything you want them too. For my business I use them to qualify my leads so I don’t have a bunch of cheap clients trying to talk to me. The bot chats with my leads using a chat platform and basically tells the ones that aren’t in my price range that I won’t work with them. This saves me the awkwardness of having to tell them over the phone.

      They can be built for any business like real estate pros, restaurants, e commerce stores, basically any business with a website or Facebook page. We all know that is all of them.

      How to build chatbots/Using the right platform

      Chatbots are relatively easy to build. You just need to use the proper platform. There are a ton of different options online like ManyChat, ChatFuel, and MobileMonkey to name a few. There are new platforms popping up every day and the platform you choose doesn’t really matter. I like Manychat because it has a 10-hour video training course. chatbot for business

      Once you learn the proper ways to build the bots you are half-way to making money online and starting your own actually business.

      Are you excited yet? You should be. This information could change your life. If every business is going to hire someone to build them a chatbot in the next 10 years and you start now. You will be making amazing profit.

      How to sell and actually make $1000 per sale

      First you must pick your niche. Maybe something you already have interest in. Maybe something you already have clients in. The reason it is best to get into a niche is because you will be able to make a bot and duplicate it multiple times. You will have to change a few things in it but the basic outline will be there.

      One big niche is the e commerce business. You can sell like crazy to people with online stores. Just a basic cart abandonment bot for an online store that does $10k a month in sales could easily pay itself off within a month.

      Are you ready to build chatbots? Are you ready to start your online business? Don’t hesitate.

      The hustle factor

      Once you have studied and emersed yourself into this world of online business it doesn’t mean that money is going to fall in your lap. You are going to have to hustle your butt off to make the money you want.

      The first few sales are the hardest butt things get easier after that. You should study sales platforms by people like Grant Cardone. If you’re not willing to put everything you have and all of your energy into it you will not succeed.

      Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make it in the online world?

      If you are serious about making money through an online business please leave any questions in the comments section below and I will personally help you out with it.

      If this sounds like a business you would like to get into you can join Andrew Warner’s Bot Academy at. . .

      Or to see how a chatbot works and what it is you can use this link to chat with a bot right now. .. .

      How to Start a Personal Training Business – Make $90k a year as a trainer

      I can show you how to start a personal training business that makes you $90k per year. The only thing I ask of you is that you work hard and don’t give up. Being your own boss isn’t easy. It will come with a lot of responsibility and determination. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow making $90k a year but with these tips you will be able to make that next year and for years to come. So don’t quit your job just yet but don’t be afraid to when your business starts to take off. How to start a personal training business

      How to get clients/How to make money as a personal trainer

      OK, you have made it this far. You are ready to start your own personal training business. How do you make $90k a year on your own? Start with what you will need to make per day to get to your goal whether your goal is $50k or $150k. I am going to stick with the $90k for this example.

      OK 365 days in a year. 2 weeks of vacation to start. That is 351 days. Minus weekends which is 100 days. So you are going to work 251 days.

      So you only need to make about $350 per day to reach your goal of $90k per year. That seems easy. The reason it is not is because you don’t have any clients yet.

      Now ask yourself how many clients can I serve in one day. You can do groups and probably find a few people that will pay you $50-$100 each for a 2-hour group session. Or you can do a personal 2-hour sessions for $150. At this rate you will really only need to book 2 or 3 2 hour sessions a day. That will net you around $300-450 per day. Or you can charge $100 per person and try to grow a class to 20 people and only work one day a week. All of these options are attainable.

      If you think that your not worth that much or no one will pay me that much you are WRONG! The How to start a personal training businessfirst rule of service businesses is to take what you think people will pay THEN DOUBLE IT. This really does work. Don’t sell yourself short.

      Wait you’re not there yet. Now you need to find enough clients/customers to fill your sessions. This can be the hard part. You will need to hustle to fill your schedule at first but once you have a full schedule of regular clients the money will be there.

      Now you need to pick your ideal customer. Is it your friends? Are your friends willing to pay you the rates you need? Is it someone in a specific area in your city? Ask around, hustle hustle hustle, and don’t give up until you have the amount of clients you need to make your goal $$ amount. Trust me, they are near you. You just need to find them. If you have trouble contact me and I will show you some tricks on how to find new clients. I will be creating training for this soon.

      Once your schedule is full always try to keep an extra client on deck. Tell them that your schedule is full but if someone cancels or drops you as their trainer you can just fit the extra clients in their spot. This way you don’t have to miss out on the income if someone quits using you.

      I recommend telling people they need to give a 30-day notice. Also, you will want to charge them automatically recurring every month using a pay app like square.

      How to become licensed/Do you really need a license?

      From the research I have done there isn’t a standard personal training license. It’s not like some There are a bunch of certifications but that won’t help you. I can make up a test and give you a piece of paper that says your’e certified but it doesn’t mean you know everything about training. I am guessing that if you are looking into starting your own personal training business you are already educated enough to start.

      If you don’t know anything about training you should take some classes at the local community college, take some online courses, or get a job at a local gym until you are comfortable training people on your own. You don’t have to know everything about training to start your own business.

      The main license you need is a local city business license. For a mobile personal training license you will need to contact your cities website. From my experience for about $50 and in 2 to 4 weeks you will be licensed to work. This way you can tell everyone you work with that you are licensed through the city to do personal training.

      Don’t forget about insurance. You need a general business liability insurance policy for a personal training business. This way you are covered in case something bad happens. It will probably cost you $50-$75 a month for a liability policy that will cover you up to a million dollars in case something tragic happens. Chances are nothing will happen but it is worth $75 a month for the peace of mind. Now that you’re licensed and insured you are ready to start charging for your service.

      Where to train?/Where is the best place to do personal training?

      This all depends on what type of training you are doing? I live in San Diego so it is easy for me to do my training outside at parks, beaches and running trails. What training are you doing? You can ask around at local gyms. They may let you do your own personal training there in exchange for teaching a class for free.

      Use your imagination. If you have a spare room or space in your yard you can create a training center. Just keep in mind the liability of having your own equipment. Most HOA’s and Condo/Apt complexes have gyms or maybe your clientele has their own home gym. I recommend meeting people where they already have a place to work out. That way if they get injured it relieves some liability from you. Especially if they are in their own home or community workout center. How to do personal training in the park

      Get creative. There is no reason to spend all your money on a bunch of workout equipment. Everyone has some workout equipment lying around. Find opportunity, people are hiring you to motivate them not because you have the latest equipment.

      If people wanted the latest and greatest equipment they would join a high end gym. They are hiring you because you show up, take charge, and help them get results. Not for your stuff.

      How to grow your personal training business/Double your income

      Fast forward a year later. Are you are happy with your clients you have? Are you at your desired income level? Are you ready to relax and just do the training for the clients you have and keep your $90k a year lifestyle? Great!

      But what if you fell in love with the hustle? What if you want to make it to the next level? What if $90k isn’t enough?

      Now it’s time to double down and start all over. Finding an employee or two. This is where things get tricky but if your willing to take the risk it could make you a lot of money. starting a personal training business

      Imagine yourself a year after today. You have a steady client base. Probably more than you can handle and people waiting in line for you to train them. Now it’s time to turn over your clients to an employee. Hire someone to take on all your current clients. Spend the time to properly train them and let them thrive. Since you already have your clients on automatic recurring payments your employee doesn’t need to know how much the customer is paying. Pay your employee a competitive wage and keep the profits.

      Now it’s time to start the hustle again. Okay, you just hired an employee. Your income just got cut. Now it’s time to use the tools you have learned over the last year to build your schedule back up to $90k. The best part about this is that it won’t take you as long. You have learned how to get new clients at this point. You have the skills to get up that $90k mark in half the time it took you last year. So now you’re profiting $50k from your clients that your employee is serving. But wait. You’re also making $90k from the new clients. Now you’re making $140k per year.

      You can repeat this cycle until you have enough money to make you satisfied.

      Don’t forget it will take some hustle

      Hustle hustle hustle. You will never reach your goals if you don’t put everything you have into it. You will go through hard times. Starting and running your own business isn’t easy but in my opinion it is better than working for someone else.

      If there is anything I can do to help you get started please comment below and I will be sure to help you with anything you need.

      If you have any questions please comment below.